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I deeply believe in the power of relationship, both with others and self. 

I have personally witnessed a deep transformation in my own life through the development of fulfilling relationships with those I love. My continual journey of personal growth has happened only through relationship- intimate partnership, family, friends, and the unwavering support and challenge of counselors and coaches. 

I feel grateful to have spent the first twenty-two years of my adult life dedicated to raising my two children. I found motherhood to be both incredibly rewarding and my greatest challenge, as children will always show us where our personal unfinished business lies. 

As the years passed, I knew something was off in my life, but could not put my finger on what it was. As I began to question the world around me, slowly, the universe began to open my eyes to what was awry. This lead to my most difficult yet deepest journey, which began around seven years ago. Read my story here

The combination of my life experiences, passion for understanding others and to be of service has lead me to dive full-heartedly into the field of coaching. I feel deeply fortunate that I can awaken each day excited to learn, grow and serve others in a deep and meaningful way. 

I continually study various methods that profoundly enhance my personal well-being, relationships and coaching practice. These trainings include mindfulness, self-compassion, the development of relational awareness and skills, and concrete strategies for helping people get unstuck. I am committed to my value of personal and professional growth and participate in ongoing certifications and training in these areas. 

I am a Certified Individual and Couples coach, as well as a Certified Mentor at The Relationship School.

Additionally, I am a lover of the outdoors, a passionate traveler, and a continual student of growth, learning and love. 

I look forward to working with you. 


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